Vancouver as a whole is undergoing massive development, cultural and community changes. One of the big changes that was just approved is the rezoning of the Maprole neighbourhood in the southern Vancouver area along the Fraser river. This quiet and quaint community is known for it's single family residences, generous space and quiet streets.


A lot of residences are worried that the city unnecessarily shoving density at them, but the city is only planning for the inevitable future of the area. City Council plans to keep the community intact and not allow unnecessary densification but it intends to allow medium density developments especially in areas along major roads and commercial areas.


The neighbourhood is currently home to around 24,000 people and once Marine Gateway and Oakridge redevelopment are done, there will be an additional 4,000 people living in the area. The area will still be dominated by single family dwellings as the new zoning change only affected 15% of the neighbourhood.


The cities overall future plan for the area are to:


  • Enable growth while respecting the neighbourhood character
  • Housing affordability
  • Transportation improvements
  • Community amenities
  • Rental units, social housing, libraries, parks, sidewalks


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