Nomad Micro 100SqFt Homes


Imagine yourself living in 100SqFt?


It's easier than you imagine, for most of us we don't require these large living spaces. Especially for a lot of urban centres, the majority of time spent is out of the home in cafes, bars, club, stores, libraries, work, etc.


But for only $25,000 you can have this amazing little gem! A 10’ x 10’ micro house with a 60’ loft space developed right here in Vancouver. It’s easy to assemble and flat packed so it can be shipped worldwide. They cost between $25,000 and $28,000, depending on how well you want it to be kitted out. You can also get “green” off-grid models (ie. solar-equipped), but those are custom-priced.


The impetus: “The Tiny House Movement is currently driven by individuals at a grass-roots level who, for the most part, have built their own homes and are living sustainable, mortgage-free lives. Recognizing the importance of these progressive dwellings and the philosophy adopted by their occupants, NOMAD has taken on the challenge of making this affordable housing option accessible worldwide.”


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