Vancouver Still a Good Investment


As we charge into the second quarter of 2014, the Vancouver housing market remains steady and at the top of the best Canadian Investment Cities. With Toronto second and Calgary third, this trifecta of Canadian investment power is steadily moving forward.

Resilience - the ability of a city to avoid or bounce back from an adverse event - comes from the interplay of vulnerability and adaptive capacity. — Grosvenor

The Grosvenor report ranks the top 50 cities around the world according to their vulnerability. This world report has been renowned in it's ability to judge good investment strategies in business and real estate.


Canadian cities rank well in this list due to our ability to bounce back well after;

  • economic strife
  • weather and natural disasters
  • strong economy
  • immigration and migration

All three cities have three fundamental features in common that place them ahead of the curve for future investment; which are:

  • They are well governed cities
  • Have access to large amounts of resources
  • Are successfully planned and designed for the future.

With the fast and quick recovery Vancouver made from the market crash, it's no wonder that Vancouver is considered by many around the world to be a fantastic investment for living, real estate and business. Vancouver's innovative changes and green thinking make this a city to watch out for in the coming future.


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